Disney OK with Nazi Comparisons as Long as They are Against the Right

Disney has spent many years trying to sweep the "Walt Disney produced Nazi propaganda" rumor under the rug, but it seems like they are finally ready to take a stand against Nazis...and Jiminy Cricket it is bad!

After a series of since deleted tweets where "Mandalorian" star Gina Carano compared being a Trump supporter in today's climate to being a Jewish person living in Nazi Germany, Lucasfilm was quick to fire her, putting out a statement saying her statements are "abhorrent."

As the child of Jewish immigrants, whose families fled (and died in) Nazi Europe. I agree that this political climate is heavily-sided against the right. The fact that Disney didn't have a problem with other stars using Nazi comparisons, is an obvious sign of their position.

You see, it seems that Gina's Mandalorian co-star Pedro Pascal also did his own version of Nazi comparisons, saying that Trump supporters were akin to "Nazis and Confederates."

So here's the breakdown by Disney. Its OK to call people Nazis so long as they agree with you politically. Wow... this really is a whole new world.