Dems Want Us to Use the Term "Birthing People" Instead of Mothers

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, it's no surprise that the liberal left is taking a swing at the most precious of targets; moms.

Relegating us to nothing more than a uterus, the liberals think that the term "mother" is slanderous and offensive to the trans community who identify not as women but still chose to use their biological female parts to birth babies.

Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush posted a video yesterday describing her devastating pregnancy experiences on Twitter, where she refers to herself and others as "birthing people." Fortunately, there are still some sane people out there, who quickly took to social media to point out the demented thinking.

“They’re called mothers. Calling them ‘birthing people’ is reducing them to a function--making them not human,” said Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney.

Naturally, Bush responded by calling her critics transphobic and racist, because that's the Dems only card to play. If you say something dumb and someone criticizes you, just call them racist and you will automatically have the leg up.

By Bush's logic, anything with the word mom or mother needs to be immediately canceled. So does that mean Mother Goose is gone because she's transphobic? Are reruns of "How I Met Your Mother" taken off the air? These people are some crazy birthing people f****ers. #Truthbomber