Demi Lovato’s Bratty Behavior is a Chilling Truth About Celebrities

Recently former Disney star/ druggie Demi Lovato took to social media to call out a local yogurt shop for selling sugar-free and vegan options, insisting they were promoting unhealthy diet culture.

The songstress who has battled eating disorders in the past walked into the LA frozen yogurt shop The Bigg Chill and was instantly “triggered” because she had to pass by sugar-free and diet options.

“Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from @thebiggchillofficial when you have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies/other diet foods before making your way to the counter,” Lovato wrote before sealing the comment with the hashtag #dietvultures.

Fortunately, the Bigg Chill has a big brain and was quick to point out to the deluded celebrity that “We carry items for Diabetics, Celiac disease, Vegans… We are not diet vultures.”

Lovato, who has an Instagram following of 102 million followers, kept at it, telling them to provide a safer environment for people with eating disorders.

Ok, there is a lot of fucking insanity to unpack here. First, let’s start with the fact that something in her personal life made her feel “triggered” and her reaction was to take to her celebrity platform to try and destroy it. If you want to change something honey, you call the CEO and have a conversation. But Demi is a spoiled liberal brat, who has no feelings or regard for anyone but herself. Her gut reaction was to figure out a way to cancel a business that provides jobs to the community because she couldn’t fucking control herself near the sugar-free options. How does she manage food shopping in a supermarket or talking to her BFF’s the Kardashians who have a fondness for peddling unsubstantiated diet pills? She never took to social media to try to call out Khloe for promoting diet culture. Nope, that was reserved for some poor shmuck just trying to make a buck and keep the lights on.

Next up, let's revisit her disdain for sugar-free and diet options, likening them to putting opioids on a shelf. So does this mean that in Demi’s world people with diabetes don’t deserve to have their options front and center? Perhaps they aren’t allowed to give themselves insulin either because the needles might be “triggering” and remind her of her fondness for heroin.

Demi is currently “California Sober” which means she can smoke weed and drink wine in moderation. How come she can control the amount of weed and wine she intakes but she can’t control herself near a sugar-free cookie? What's the difference between a yogurt shop with diet options and going to an Italian restaurant where the walls are lined with Merlot? There is no difference. Demi was just having a Hollywood hissy fit.

My advice to Demi and the rest of the cancel culture celebrity brigade is to grow up and stop blaming people for your problems. Maybe you guys should be the ones to “do better” for a change. #Truthbomber