Curtis Sliwa Calls for Chris Cuomo's Cancellation

Curtis Sliwa, the charismatic Republican mayoral candidate who is ready to reinvigorate Manhattan, has demanded that CNN sever ties with anchor Chris Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo is said to have had a role in brother Andrew Cuomo's political life. Andrew Cuomo, who is currently Governor of New York, is a staunch Democrat embroiled in a multitude of scandals including sexual misconduct allegations and wrongful acts during the early days of Covid.

"Chris became the number-one promoter of his brother, domestically and internationally," Sliwa said. "But when the truth came out, he took the oath of omerta."

Being intimately involved in his brother's political life is a huge conflict of interest as a news correspondent, yet CNN seems to be completely on board with this unethical display of journalism. In fact, CNN was all too happy to capitalize on their relationship, having the Governor appear regularly on Chris's show playing to the cameras with their sibling shtick.

Sliwa likens Chris to the character of Fredo in "The Godfather" who was the inept brother of Don Michael Corleone. Fredo eventually betrays Michael, leading to his demise. Ironically, Chris's loyalty to his brother is what should lead to his. #Truthbomber