Cuomo's Dog Gets The Short End of The Stick

New York's aging population wasn't alone in being abandoned by Cuomo. So was the first dog, Captain!

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo left behind both his dignity and his dog, as he moved into his sister's Westchester County house, after exiting the Executive Mansion in disgrace. Captain, who was adopted as a puppy in 2018, proved to be no more than a political photo-op prop for the perverted politician.

Throngs of angry onlookers took to the internet in response to the canine crisis, with Donald Trump Jr. Tweeting, “So Cuomo got a dog for political optics and photo ops but didn’t really want to deal it beyond that. Seems like a solid metaphor for the state of today’s Democrat Party.”

It's been reported that Cuomo tried giving the dog away to employees at the Executive Mansion, not wanting to deal with the temperamental pooch who has been known to nip at police officers. He is also known to invade personal space and have potty-training issues. Interestingly, a paper, published in the Journal of Research in Personality ,noted that a dog's personality reflects that of its owner. Hmm, boundary issues....sounds about right!

Upon hearing the unsettling news, New York State Animal Protection Federation Tweeted a picture of Curtis Sliwa standing outside of the Mansion with the caption ,“I will come and rescue Captain,” @CurtisSliwa is outside the Governor’s Mansion in Albany, in the rain: “It’s a mission of mercy to rescue Captain.”

New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney ,chimed in, “In case you needed any more proof that Andrew Cuomo was a narcissistic sociopath, he just abandoned his dog at the Governor’s Mansion”….Like Sliwa she said she would be happy to adopt the unruly pooch.

After news broke of his abandoning Captain, Cuomo, in a very Cuomo-like fashion, came up with a lame excuse trying to cover up the truth, which is that he's just a terrible person. #Truthbomber