Conservative Country Artists Hiding From Liberal Takeover

Liberals have taken over the country music industry, forcing conservative artists to hide in fear of losing their careers.

"The list of country artists calling me is growing by the day who are saying they're being ‘muzzled’ by the industry when it comes to them expressing their frustration and anger about the targeting of conservatives, and suppression of free speech by the powers that be. #BlackBall," tweeted John Rich, singer of Big & Rich.

"Lost 10k followers in 12 hours," Rich tweeted last month. "It’s an honor to be attacked for professing my loyalty to God, Country and family. If big tech liked me, I’d take it as an insult. #OnwardChristianSoldiers."

Rich is one of the many openly conservative artists who have faced backlash for speaking their personal truth. The domineering liberals who have set up shop in Nashville are relentlessly trying to silence Trump supporters like Rich, who don't agree with their distorted anti-American points of view.

This really shouldn't come as much of a suprise. After all, country music is as American as apple pie, and it would make sense for the liberals to want to destroy it. They hate America. #Truthbomber