CDC COVID Data Mistakes Continue

The CDC has a history of misreporting information. Last week’s inflated Florida COVID numbers was their latest blunder, pointing to a more important question. How can we trust anything the CDC advises when they can’t even get their facts straight?

With liberal media pushing a vaccination and mask agenda that has been powered by the Center for Disease Control and the spotlight-loving Anthony Fauci, it’s important to point out their history of reporting inaccurate information.

In May 2020, A headline in the Atlantic asked ‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’ referring to the misreporting of data in Georgia, Texas and Pennsylvania. The false data continued, and finally in October 2020 the IPAK Public Health Policy Initiative published a 25-page report breaking down all the wrong information that the CDC has shared.

With school opening up across the country and millions of families trying to figure out how to live their lives, it’s more important than ever that we know the real deal. My advice to you, the CDC doesn’t have it! #Truthbomber