Caitlin Jenner Opposes Unfair Advantage of Transwomen in Girl's Sports

Caitlin Jenner for the win!

Before becoming a high-profile transwoman, Caitlin was a sports legend. Known then by the birth name Bruce Jenner (you may have heard of him!), Caitlin was an American Olympian decathlete, winning the gold medal in 1976, and gaining the ultimate sport's status: gracing the cover of a box of Wheaties.

In more recent years, Caitlin has become better known for her work on transgender awareness and advocacy, even winning 2015's "Glamour Woman of the Year Award" and ESPN's "Arthur Ash Courage Award," which is why her stance on transgender sports is so meaningful.

You see while Caitlin is all for trans rights and freedom to live however one pleases, she is not going to do it at the expense of someone else, which is why she thinks it is unequivocally wrong to force girl athletes to compete with transwomen athletes who are biologically different, saying, "That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports...It just isn't fair. We have to protect our girls."

With prospects of becoming the governor of California, Caitlin's comments protecting the integrity of an even playing field were unsurprisingly met by liberal criticism. But as both an Olympian and a transwoman, there is no one better to comment on this subject, and the woke police can't stand that! A 6'2 transboy, dripping with testosterone is not the same as a 5'2 girl, no matter what he wears or how he identifies. Why the liberals can't seem to understand that is beyond me. That's just science.

Caitlin, thank you for recognizing that giving rights to one person should not come at the expense of someone else. #Truthbomber