Britney's 'Toxic' Father Steps Down

Finally, some good news! After 13 years of abuse, Jamie Spears is finally stepping down as a conservator to his pop icon daughter.

"It's been so long overdue but I'm so glad that Britney is on her way to finally being free," Tweeted longtime friend Paris Hilton "Sending so much love!"

Other celebs jumped in to congratulate Britney on this huge milestone in her quest for freedom. Cher Tweeted, "If I was Brit I'd get a forensic accountant. I couldn't [be] happier 4 her if I was twins."

After a scathing testimony this summer describing the harsh conditions she had to live under, all eyes were on Jamie Spears and the entire guardianship system, illuminating that this abuse exists and is very real. Not only that, it can happen to anyone, even one of the most famous people in the entire world!

Britney, we are so happy for you and hope that you find the freedom and happiness that you and everyone else in this county deserves!# Truthbomber