Book Launch on Dr. Gina Prime Time

Recently I had the pleasure of being on Dr. Gina Prime Time, to talk about my new book "Behind the Headlines: How a Conservative Beauty Queen Became a Target of Fake News and Cancel Culture."

As someone who has been a victim of liberal media bias and maliciously prosecuted for the sake of being an outspoken conservative, I am so grateful to be able to share my story and let people know just how deep the conspiracy goes against those who don't side with liberal ideals. They tried to punish me beyond justified measures, sentencing me to a maximum-security prison with murderers for being a first-offender who committed a misdemeanor. They painstakingly tried to shut me up, afraid of the darkness I would expose in the tainted guardianship system. They even called me, a Jewish girl from New Jersey, a white supremacist!

People are being stripped of their civil rights every day, and it is my duty as a proud American to educate people about the corrupt political world. What happened to me can happen to anyone, and this should be a cautionary tale to anybody who thinks freely and opposes the woke agenda. #Truthbomber