Black Woman Pretends to be KKK

Beginning last year, residents of a quiet suburban Atlanta neighborhood started receiving terrifying letters from a self-described white male with a long red beard, claiming to be a proud member of the Klu Klux Klan. The man flagrantly used the N-word many times in the letters, threatening to burn down their homes and murder their children.

The terrified residents of Manning Lane spent the last year living in fear of the outsider, a 6'0 tall KKK member who was targeting black families. However, the perpetrator wasn't a KKK member or even a man. It was a 30-year-old black female neighbor, Terresha Lucas, who sent the letters.

According to the authorities, the first letters were sent last December. They were placed inside a mailbox and found the next day by the horrified residents. The letters became progressively more threatening, with other families receiving them by February and March.

There was a six-month pause in the letters till early September, which is when Douglasville police got a tip that things might not be as they seemed. The frightened residents were able to link the letters to their neighbor!

Officers have yet to share a motive for this bizarre crime of a black woman posing as a KKK member to threaten other black families. Records show that Lucas, who is now being represented by an attorney, was booked into jail and faces eight counts of terroristic threats and acts, with each count carrying a $5,000 fine and a five year prison stay. #Truthbomber