Black Lives Matter Founder Spends Big Bucks on Real Estate

Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors just coughed up millions of dollars for some white picket fenced suburban bliss in ritzy neighborhoods like Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles County.

The unapologetic Marxist went on a shopping spree, snagging four houses totaling more than $3 million dollars, just a year after purchasing a ranch that is outfitted with an indoor pool and airplane hanger. Black Lives Matter as an organization raised 90 million dollars after the death of George Floyd in 2020, and we wonder just how those funds are being allocated. I mean, what exactly is that money going for? I doubt people are donating their hard-earned money so some woman can own five houses!

And houses are just the beginning! In fact, Khan-Cullors has also shown interest in purchasing a beachfront property in the same Bahamas resort where Justin Timberlake owns. The Albany resort located in Nassau sells houses and apartments ranging from $5 million to $20 million. That's a lot of zeros and a lot of hashtags I bet.

Mainstream media has shied away from reporting on this troubling story, but we have learned that the head of the Greater New York BLM chapter, Hawk Newsome, is calling for an investigation into Khan-Cullors finances.

For someone who thinks white lives don’t matter, I find it strange that Khan-Cullors would want to live in the predominantly white Topanga neighborhood. Isn’t that like shacking up with the enemy? I also find it interesting that someone with such an intimate tie to a charitable organization is so eager to spend millions, when people have accused the BLM movement of shortchanging families who need assistance.

“Why hasn’t my family’s foundation received any assistance from the movement,” said Michael Brown Jr., whose father was killed by the Fergusson police in 2014.

I would suggest that Khan-Cullers was too distracted helping other people who have suffered job loss or persecution, but really the only people who seem to get any attention from BLM are luxury real estate agents. #Truthbomber