Black Lives Matter for Breakfast?

Attention cereal-lovers... your dream of having a militant chocolate fist for breakfast has finally come true!

Bordering on both absurd and offensive, we present to you "Proud Puffs," a vegan cereal that comes in the shape guessed it... little black fists.

Inventor Nic King, who lives in the posh town of Darian, Connecticut, has over 600 preorders of the product. King feels his manufacturing challenges have been because he is a "blacked-owned" small business, but in reality it is most likely due to the fact it is just, a straight up, ridiculous product. I mean, what are they going to do about the white milk?

King calls his product "cereal for culture." So does that mean the Catholics should have a cereal full of crosses or the Jews need a bunch of bite-size dreidels? I mean, if they get representation so shouldn't everyone else?

The biggest problem that I see with this product and so many more, is the fact that not everything in life needs to be racially motivated. Nobody is picking up a box of Cheerios and going, "I'm not eating these. They don't match my skin color." In some ways, I think this promotes division, by saying this cereal is just for "us." I have never seen that written on a box of Lucky Charms, and they are chock full of Irish representation, as well as being magically delicious for all!

I also think it is super ironic how we are supposed to embrace little black fists, while cancelling Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's. So let me get this straight, iconic black woman on a jar of syrup is offensive but puffy, black fists that are reminiscent of the Black Panther Party, which declined in part to deadly shootouts, is culturally acceptable.

I'm not claiming that racism doesn't exist. What I am saying is that not everything is racist and that includes breakfast foods. The fact that I have to even clarify this just shows how distorted we have become. #truthbomber