Biden's Supply Chain Chaos

Supply chain chaos is hitting with epic proportions, first affecting Americans where they shop and now also putting their lives at risk!

A concerned business owner named Trisha Stockwell came forward to report a threat to first responders in Washington state. The owner of Columbia River Auto Glass claims that Joe Biden's inefficiency to fix the supply chain is impacting emergency response. Stockwell says windshields on EMS vehicles cannot be replaced, reducing the fleet of vehicles on hand, creating delays during medical emergencies leading to deaths.

Washington state is a Democrat stronghold that gives generous handouts, showing that in 2020 unemployment numbers with the Department of Labor reveal Washington paid $490 a week, compared to Oklahoma which paid around $44. The labor shortage and unemployment in blue states are affecting the supply chain, with emergency transport hanging in the balance. Meanwhile Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeig has been on paid family leave, shirking his responsibilities. #Truthbomber