Behind the Headlines EP1 Karyn's Story

Karyn Turk confronts the injustice of the court system, guardianship fraud and racketeering corruption. Finally telling her story of manufactured headlines. Here she confronts what actually happened, going behind the headlines in a search for the truth. Behind The Headlines is an investigative series that takes viewers “behind the headlines” of the nation’s biggest stories to highlight the inaccuracies of headlines to actual facts and present viewers with a different perspective. The first episode seeks to set the record straight where the headlines differ from the actual facts in Karyn Turk’s own case.

Turk captured national attention in early 2020 when the media reported salacious headlines such as “Mrs. Florida Stole Pennies off Her Mother's Eyes Before She Died" and "The Palm Beach Socialite Charged with Scamming the Elderly". Turk has spent the last couple of years in a brutal war with her mother’s nursing home over her mother’s care and physical signs of neglect. She reported the nursing home to numerous government agencies, which resulted in the appointment of a “guardian” to oversee her mother’s care. This guardian did very little to improve her mother’s care but did oversee her mother’s estate and began charging hefty fees to liquidate it. Turk ultimately lost this war and received a misdemeanor charge for inaccurately reporting the use of a small portion of her mother’s funds since the guardian now controlled everything. Turk was sentenced to 30 days in a maximum-security prison for this in March.

Upon release, she started advocating against guardianship fraud by working with the Center for Estate Administration Reform (CEAR) and is lobbying Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and Washington D.C. leaders for change.

Guardianship fraud is a financial scheme to defraud elderly individuals of their life savings: it is a widespread criminal network involving nursing homes, lawyers, and guardians. It is more prevalent that we think with over 1.5 million adults under guardianship with 273+ Billion in assets under their guardian’s control.

For the full story of what happened to Karyn Turk, you can go to Behind The Headlines on Youtube. Karyn Turk is available for interviews on her story, the show and guardianship fraud. Please contact to schedule.