Angry Mom Calls out Antifa and BLM

A Portland mom recently crashed an Antifa press conference, calling out Black Lives Matter and the city for their contribution to this nation’s excessive violence.

In a video that’s gone viral, the impassioned black mom, carrying a baby in her arms as well as having other children in tow, stood passionately in front of the crowd, describing bombs and and other acts of violence that have been directed toward her children by the radical left that rule Portland.

“White supremacy was not the problem. The Proud Boys are not the problem, Antifa and Black Lives were the ones who threw bombs, mortars and pepper spray at me and my children. My baby girl, eight-years-old, was nearly hit in the face by an explosive,” the mom shouted to the deranged crowd.

A white bystander, clearly wanting to shut her up, as to not expose the truth, was told by the mom that if he really cared about black lives he would step back and let her tell her story. Much like liberal media, the bystander wanted to silence the real plight of the black community as to keep a façade alive. #Truthbomber