A UCLA Professor's Race War

UCLA, one of the country's most prominent colleges, was never segregated, but now over 100 years since its 1919 inception a professor is suspended over his refusal to segregate students for a final exam.

Professor Gordon Klein's personal race war began eight days after the death of George Floyd. A non-black student emailed him over the final exam, asking for leniency for black classmates, saying the recent events have placed them at a disadvantage. The student requested a no-harm final for black students only. Citing the need for separation based on color, the email included a copy of UCLA's equity, diversity, and inclusion agenda, which grants professor's the ability to give preferential treatment to students belonging to underrepresented groups.

Klein was shocked by the email, which struck him as offensive to black students. He concluded his response email by quoting Martin Luther King Jr. who envisioned a world where people are judged solely on their character, and emphasizing he won't judge or grade students based on the color of their skin.

By the end the day, woke college students were calling for his job, with a petition that contained 20,000 signatures. The dean of UCLA business school put him on leave to investigate Klein's actions

Although Klein was reinstated, he says UCLA has permanently damaged his reputation, causing him professional and personal harm which cost him $10 million in business consulting fees. He also received death threats and Anti-Semitic attacks, but I'm sure UCLA doesn't mind. For them, only black lives matter. #Truthbomber