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Karyn Turk Mrs. Florida (U.S. Continental) 2016 is a sought-after speaker, spokesperson, journalist and non-profit advocate. She is one of social media’s most authentic personalities and a constant source of information regarding business, technology, politics and the modern woman.

Her outreach of followers extends across all social media platforms. She was ranked #200 of the Top 250 Most Influential Business Journalists in the World by Richtopia for 2018. Karyn is recognized for her work as a journalist, commentator, and media maven. Her pre/post-election coverage and presidential debate recaps were televised nationally. She appears regularly on news segments,including NewsMax, Your Voice America, and RT International. She is a Host for Eye on Networks, and the Radio/ Podcast, Red America Radio. In print, she is a social media editor for Populist Wire, and works as an independent contributor/consultant to publications, and national/ international media outlets.

Her 20+ years’ of success as an entrepreneur, marketing/ P.R. expert has allowed her to work behind the scenes with media in an unparalleled way. She works with, public figures, celebrities and large corporations. Many times these clients are facing media crisis management. During less stressful times she works with her clients doing pre-crisis consulting. Helping clients to develop stellar online presences and media branding. She's been described as a blonde Olivia Pope from the Netflix show "Scandal". Her husband E.W. Turk (Evan Turk) is the founder of Palm Beach Law Offices and many times they work together on high profile, celebrity cases, that include the media. Most recently, notable, the Cindy Yang case.

She was named as one of South Florida’s Power Women and top influencers in 2015. Which led her to compete for the title of Mrs. Florida 2016. Competing for in her very first pageant and winning. In 2016 after her win, she graced the covers of national magazines, including StepMom magazine and Country Club Living. The following she has both online, and off-line, has led to lots of unique opportunities, including being cast in a cameo role for the first season of “In Sanity Florida” available on Amazon Prime which featured Hollywood icon; Burt Reynolds. She plays Emmy in award winning feature film, Nearly Departed with Robert Carradine (Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds). She also appears in the recently released Amazon Prime Movie Parody FAKE NEWS A TRUMP STORY.

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