No More Kisses from Granny? Aussie Program to Protect Kids from ALL Unwanted Physical Contact

A program being taught at schools in Victoria, Australia, is empowering youngsters to say no to unwanted physical contact – including smooches from grandparents. RT pundits locked horns over whether this goes too far.

Educator Margie Buttriss stirred up controversy after suggesting affectionate grandmothers could be the instigators of unwanted touching.

Sexual abuse is a serious issue but viewing touchy-feely grandmothers as potential predators is “going too far,” Karyn Turk, a TV and radio host, told RT.

“It’s really not teaching kids appropriately how to handle difficult situations.”

Paola Diana, a women’s rights activist, countered, suggesting that the Australian initiative doesn’t go far enough.

“We need to educate parents as well… Many abusers – they don’t even see themselves as abusers. And many victims – they don’t even recognize themselves as victims.”