Fleur de Sante & Karyn Turk U.S. Launch

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What is it like being an ambassador for Fleur de Santé? I am so delighted to be a brand ambassador for Fleur de Santé. It is a experience of a life time torepresent a brand that I truly love.

What’s so special about Fleur de Santé? There is so much that is unique and special about Fleur de’ Santé. There are so many product choices on the market today that it’s very difficult to find a line that delivers consistent results with natural products and ingredients. The natural aspect of Fleur de Santé is what intrigued me and the results are what made me a loyal fan. You attend many events, what is important when it comes to style? I am on camera many days each week and usually attend 4-5 events. Television makeup can be really harsh and sometimes I can be running from filming all day, staright to a red carpet event. My skin has to endure some really harsh treatment. You have to feel good in your own skin and that means feeling confident. Your skin is your canvas, the foundation of a great look. When your skin looks good in the morning, it changes your outlook on your whole day. I believe all women need to find your own style. Its not about trends, it’s about finding a style that empowers you and makes you feel beautiful. Wearing clothes that make you feel like you can walk into a room and be the best and most confident you. I am always more comfortable being overdressed rather than underdressed.

Who do you think would be most interested in Fleur de Santé products? I think any women who is looking for naturally beautiful skin, will love the Fleur de Santé products. Most women these days live very busy, hectic lives. We are professionals, moms, and constantly on the go. Our skin is constantly changing with exposure to enviornmental factors, travel, climate and the stress of everyday life. All women need a variety of products that are formulated to work together and Fleur de Santé delivers this. What is your experience with Fleur de Santé products so far? Fluer de Santé has been the best skin care line that I have ever tried. As Mrs. Florida, I am constantly bombarded with requests to test and promote products. Fleur de Santé immediately stood out as something special.I always look for natural products and have had multiple skin issues over the years. I am always extremely skeptical about how my skin will react to a serum or cream. I have suffered with dry skin, acne and everything in between. My skin is really sensitive to preservatives and fragrances. Fluer de Santé is different, It is the first time that I have been able to use a product that contain such beautiful aromas without skin irritation and reactions. How does your skin feel after using Fleur de Santé products? My skin feels natural and fresh. Even with the harsh treatment that my skin is constantly subjected to. I feel like my skin has gone through a rebirth, a transformation. I used to wake up and immediately want to get my make up on to hide my imperfections the Anti- Imperfection formula has truly changed my outlook each morning.