Beauty Talks with Fleur de Sante'

With a 35-year history in innovation and flower research, Laboratoire Fleur de Santé provides ultimate flexibility with a mix-and-match selection of favorite products that can be combined into tailor-made skincare programs based on your specific needs. Fleur de Santé is wholly invested in revealing women’s individual and inner beauty, anytime, anywhere.

I am on camera many days each week and usually attend 4-5 events. Television makeup can be really harsh and sometimes I can be running from filming all day, straight to a red carpet event. My skin has to endure some really harsh treatment. You have to feel good in your own skin and that means feeling confident. Your skin is your canvas, the foundation of a great look. When your skin looks good in the morning, it changes your outlook on your whole day. I think any women who is looking for naturally beautiful skin, will love the Fleur de Sante products. Most women these days live very busy, hectic lives. We are professionals, moms, and constantly on the go. Our skin is constantly changing with exposure to environmental factors, travel, climate and the stress of everyday life

. All women need a variety of products that are formulated to work together and Fleur de Sante delivers this.