The comeback is better than the setback

 Karyn is no stranger to headlines. 

The former Mrs. Florida is an outspoken activist, and political commentator, whose life is both provocative on and off-camera.


She is the host of the weekly show “Behind the Headlines,” airing on I-Heart Radio, YouTube, and everywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.


Karyn Turk brings to the screen her unique brand of authenticity and cutting-edge journalism that allows her to delve deep into the inaccuracies, conspiracies, and factual errors that otherwise seem to elude contemporary media. This is why she is known as “the truth bomber.”


Charming and assertive, Karyn’s appeal reaches far beyond the political. She is a renowned celebrity interviewer having hosted a “Behind the Headlines” celebrity edition through YourNews, and multiple shows for the EyeOn Channels. She has also appeared as a weekly commentator for RT International, the first news channel on YouTube to receive over 1 billion hits, with an international audience of 700,000 million people in 100 countries, as well as having a recurring spot on Newsmax’s buzzed-about show Liquid Lunch.


In addition, Karyn is an actress currently featured in Amazon Prime Video’s satirical comedy, “Fake News: A Trump Story.” Other credits include Showtime’s “The Circus,” “In Sanity Florida,” and the film “Nearly Departed.” 


The busy mom of four shows no signs of slowing down either. She was named one of Florida’s Top Power Women and Influencers and just a year later, in 2016, she won the title of Mrs. Florida. In 2018, Richtopia ranked her as one of the Top 250 Most Influential Business Journalists in the World. In addition, Karyn is also a sought-after national and international media consultant and political news correspondent, having gained a large following for her pre-and post-election coverage. 


Before stepping in front of the camera, Karyn first gained recognition as a businesswoman. By age 28, she was a top national sales director in the print marketing space in the 1990s. Realizing the potential for online distribution, Karyn helped pioneer an online video content for revenue platform and was recruited by CBS Radio to oversee and develop innovative marketing for the South Florida broadcast stations. After digitizing and positioning them for sale, the company was sold in 2012 to Palm Beach Broadcasting for an unprecedented $50 million. In the years following, Karyn began taking on more customized projects, excelling in media and crisis management for professional athletes, celebrities, and politicians.


While she may be a fixture at Mar-a-Lago, Karyn isn’t your typical socialite. She is extremely open about her history as an adopted child and is working tirelessly with organizations raising awareness for guardianship reform. She became a freedom fighter for reform after her rights were stripped and her mother was placed in guardianship. In a story that resembles the Netflix hit movie "I  CARE A LOT," Karyn fought back against a predatory legal system, ultimately finding herself strung up in the #fakenews headlines. 


She is a lover of Israel, animals, and, above all, family. Her main passion is to inspire those around her to pursue their dreams and fight for causes that matter.


Karyn currently lives in South Florida with her husband, Palm Beach Law Offices founder Evan Turk, with whom she works on high-profile client cases that are often splashed across the day’s headlines.