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Karyn Turk, CO-HOST with Ed Henry
The "K" in #KED



Ed Henry and Karyn Turk hosted America’s favorite sunrise morning show, until their abrupt cancellation in August 2023. A LIVE streaming T.V. show like no other.

An interactive community built around real voices.


For almost 2 years, #KED crossed the country, meeting real Americans and broadcasting LIVE in their hometowns.

For Karyn Turk and Ed Henry, these #patriots were the lead story.
Each morning at the studio anchor desk,
it was these interactions that kept Karyn and Ed going.


The audience stood by their favorite co-hosts.

NOW #KED brings their infectious energy to RUMBLE and LOCALS.

Karyn Turk and Ed Henry appear unfiltered and unafraid.

They bring you the news as only they do with pop-up broadcasts and exclusive subscriber content.

Visit #kedtalk here.


Prior to #KED life (Co-Hosting with Ed Henry)

Karyn Turk became Mrs. Florida 2016, on the heels of her departure

as an executive with CBS RADIO.

After years, behind the scenes, she became a well-known activist, outspoken journalist, and conservative political personality.


Karyn then made political headlines in 2019 and 2020
when sentenced to prison by the same magistrate that raided Mar-A-Lago.
She took a plea after being squeezed by the deep state,
believing that to be the best option against financial ruin.
At the same time, Behind the Headlines ,
Karyn tirelessly fought back against the neglect of a nursing home.
A guardianship taking her mother away and stripping both of their civil rights.
The left-leaning media ignored the truth,
only caring to position Karyn as a die-hard Trump supporter
and close friend of Republican operative Roger Stone.
Karyn persisted, fighting back against the system that neglected the truth.
The swamp creatures hoped she would be written off,
but she emerged from the scandal stronger.


She has become a force for change in the
perception of conservative women.
While she may be spotted at a Mar-a-Lago gala, Karyn Turk isn’t a socialite.
Real and sometimes a little raw, she has humble beginnings.
Karyn is an adopted American whose parents fled the Nazi occupation
in Austria. Looking to raise the narrative on adoption as an option,
she has worked tirelessly with organizations raising awareness
for foster care and adoption.

Karyn’s number one cause will always be free speech, inspiring others to stand up and use their real voices for what they believe in.

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